Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bomb Mug Gift Set

Hot Chocolate Cocoa Bomb Mug Gift Set

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Is your Valentine the BOMB?!  Warm up with a hot chocolate cocoa bomb gift set including a clear glass mug with your choice of an original milk chocolate hot cocoa bomb filled with cocoa mix and marshmallows or the white chocolate cookies & cream (Oreo) cocoa bomb.  A chocolate wood spoon is accompanied with each gift to stir additional yumminess into your hot chocolate.  Extra marshmallows are in a heat sealed clear bag to add for your enjoyment. 


Gift mugs are wrapped in clear cello and tied with a red satin bow for a beautiful Valentine's Day presentation. Cocoa Bombs are sealed for freshness and have a two month shelf life.  


Instructions: Place cocoa bomb in a mug.  Slowly pour one cup of hot steamed milk over the bomb until chocolate melts. Watch the marshmallows emerge, stir well and enjoy!

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